Current Date:

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Turkish Ambassador Confirms His Support for the Sudanese Turkish Society for Medical Relief

Khartoum - Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum expressed his thanks to the Sudanese- Turkish Society for Medical Relief as a popular institution that contributes to conveying

the voice of Turkey and developing the distinguished relations between the two brotherly peoples, stressing their cooperation in providing medical service and humanitarian assistance in all fields.
During his meeting with the President of the society, Dr. Wahib Ibrahim and Secretary General, Hassab Al-Rasoul Al-Tayeb, the ambassador said that they are ready to support all the activities carried out by the society.
Dr. Ibrahim briefed the ambassador on their visit to the State of Turkey to participate in the Second World Conference of Islamic Health Gatherings held in Istanbul, where the society won the membership of the executive office of the World Islamic Health Union, and also selected to represent the union in Central and East Africa, besides meetings with some officials and some relevant institutions..
The Secretary General of the society reviewed the objectives and activities of the society in all the states of the Sudan, appreciating the cooperation of the Turkish Embassy and the Turkish TICA Foundation.