Current Date:

Monday, 30 October 2017

Turkish Ambassador Affirms His Country’s Resolve to Assist Sudan

Khartoum: Minister of Defense General psc. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibnouf has praised the great roles undertaken by Turkey and its effective presence at the world level as

a political, military and economic force  that realized a true upheaval placing it in a leading position.
He hailed during his meeting with Jamal Aiden , The Ambassador of Turkey Republic to Sudan on the occasion of the end of his term of office in Khartoum in the presence of the Turkish Military attaché Colonel Murad Aisan , the progress  bilateral relations between the  Sudan and Turkey have seen and the fruitful cooperation between the two countries whose positive effects appeared in all economic, diplomatic and social spheres.
For his part the Turkish Ambassador touched on the efforts he made during his term of office in Khartoum represented in encouraging exchange of visits between the two countries at the highest levels as well as availing opportunity for investors to get acquainted with opportunities  an fields of investment leading to the entry of a number of Turkish companies entry to Sudan .