Current Date:

Thursday, 03 May 2018

Mahmoud Calls for Denouncing Violence and Encountering Extremist Ideas

Khartoum- Deputy President of the National Congress Party (NCP) for Party Affairs, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid has denounced the terrorist attack that claimed the

lives of a number praying Muslims in Sinai in the Arab Republic of Egypt on Friday.
Hamid has called while addressing yesterday the inaugural session of the forums of the secretariats of community purification at the states level in Khartoum the Daawa scholars to denounce violence and unify the ranks and the call for moderateness and the need for  standing up against  the extremist ideas and stopping the call that leads to bloodshed.
Hamid further said the NCP has decided to call the people for national dialogue for encountering the challenges facing the nation internally and externally for unifying the front noting that his party was based on value and principles that says policy all that makes people closer to perfection and far away from corruption and the callers are the one who lead this for serving the people and reforming the community.