Current Date:

Monday, 31 October 2016

Editorial: Further Fragmentation of ICC

Now the International Criminal Court (ICC) no longer means something to almost all nations worldwide, especially the African ones. Now, both Burundi and South Africa

have announced their withdrawal from the ICC publicly. In this regard, Sudan, especially its Republican Palace, is noticed as praising very much moves as such, just describing them as an expression of true will by free peoples worldwide.
Actually, this withdrawal from the ICC does not come out of the blue. Its chairperson has been reported as receiving US$ 17 million just to falsely criminalize president Al Bashir of Sudan. This is the very igniting point that has prompted the African leaders to raise their voices very high up, just condemning ICC for targeting only innocent persons fraudulently, especially the African leaders. This situation is well expressed by the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni. The following words that were uttered by him are very indicative of how the Africans, officially and none have become fed up and much frustrated by the crooked behavior of ICC. “We thought the ICC will serve our interests, but only the reverse has materialized”.
However, this ICC has been perpetually and purposely trying to eclipse the light of justice, but it is destined to drink from the same bitter cup that it forces others to drink from. Of much compliance  with this, is this saying; ‘if you dig a hole with intention of burying an innocent person, then it is yourself who will be ending up as being plagued with the same fate’.
In conclusion, we can say this; the present withdrawal of both Burundi and South Africa from the ICC has had many implications, conspicuous among them is that now the ICC has no place at all, especially in the hearts of justice seekers. The story of the chairperson of ICC when she was caught red handed, just receiving money to criminalize president Al Bashir unjustly, is the good illustration of this.