Current Date:

Monday, 31 October 2016

Editorial: KSA and China

Experiences have proven that Sudan has a lot of friends who are very keen to boost and consolidate its position forward hugely and unlimitedly.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and China are,  but, the good illustration of this.
At a time that the West, especially America, have determined to use all they can to strangle Sudan to death, especially economically, it has just evaded this by moving Eastwards, especially towards China.
This adherence with China has brought in abundant goodness to Sudan. Its contribution to invest in the country has reached $19 billion, just occupying the second place worldwide. 
As we all know, nature does not know vacuum. That once the American companies dicover oil in the country, then they have abruptly quit the scene, and without providing any reason to justify this. In this concern, China automatically enters in as the good replacement. Because of this, oil has largely flooded the country.  In turn, Sudan and China have mutually reaped the fruits of the  commodity. 
This is not the whole story. Now China has shown its solid determination  to cultivate about one million hectares  in cotton in Sudan.
On the other hand, it has been authenticated that the KSA is not at all lesser than China. It has so far invested about $26 billion in Sudan, thus topping other foreign entities globally.  As the case of China, KSA has also shown its willingnes to  cultivate one million hectares. 
It is worth mentioning that KSA is a genuine neighbor physically and geographically. This situation is and will stay like this till the doomsday. This is quite a sufficient factor to be honored by Sudan tremendously. In the recently held Summit in Egypt, president Al Bashir happens to declare it publicly that the security of KSA is a red line that should not be crossed by any entity,  no matter what it is.
In conclusion, we can say this; this pattern of cooperation between Sudan and others, especially foreigners, should dominate vehemently and unlimitedly. KSA and China are the real exemplification of this trend.