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Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: The Compromise Formula

President Al Bashir discloses that the National Congress party (NCP) will be the most compromising entity when it comes to its share in the forthcoming government.

By all accounts, this is a very unprecedented generosity, just surpassing even the so called modern and advanced democracies of the West. Simply speaking, because such democracies are mainly based on win-lose formulas. In this case, the victorious are to be very happy while the defeated are to be very sad. But, the compromise pattern,  which is introduced by Al Bashir and his party,  has holistically been concerned with the placation of all others invariably. In other words, it basically revolves around that all the others are viewed as mere winners, not even a single loser among them
Indeed, this orientation of NCP by adopting this method of compromise will function as a factor of construction, rather than a tool of destruction, to the benefit of all the citizens of the country. As a result, a conducive environment will be produced, simply speaking, because all are very pleased with each other.
However, there are a lot of reasons to justify this move on part of NCP, conspicuous among them is this; that it is the inventor of the national dialoguer whose main goal is the mobilization of all the Sudanese, opposition and allies, to exert utmost efforts collectively to the building of a strong and a unified Sudan and in all fields, socially, economically and politically, because to this, the idea of compromise has just arisen to the surface.
Indeed, all the problems that have plagued the country as early as the first day of independence are all attributed to lack of this formula of compromise. In this concern, it is noticed that both power and wealth have merely been monopolized by only few to the exclusion of all else.
In conclusion, we can say this; what president Al Bashir and his NCP say, will establish vigorously for a new stage and a very bright future that has been awaiting all of us as a Sudanese public, officially and none. Its basic features are only winners and no place in it for losers, so to say.