Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: Sudan and Russia

Now, Sudan has reached an irrevocable decision that moving eastwards is a must. Such a thing is not without logic, it is imposed on it

. The harsh sanctions that are mercilessly imposed on Sudan by America are the main motivating factor.  The imminent visit of President Al Bashir to Russia is the good illustration of this.
In this regard, there is a question that should be posed here; why Russia in particular? The answer to this is so simple. Russia has been proven as the friendliest country to all, without the least exceptions, especially the developing nations of whose Sudan is one.   They have been noticed as badly needing its protection against the hegemony of the mighty and unjust powers, especially America.  
Definitely, here we are not flattering Russia. We are just telling the truth.   It is competent enough to carry out this mission of protection; Because Russia possesses all the merits that qualify it as the greatest country globally. It constitutes a true Mecca, where all others can resort to, especially in times of dangers. It is so powerful, militarily and none, to do it efficiently.
So, this forthcoming visit to Russia by President Al Bashir will bring in all the goodness to Sudan, especially economically. Beside its present involvement in the field of minerals and oil, Russia can also get engaged in other domains, especially agriculture.
It is worth mentioning that China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have already shown their willingness to invest in this area of agriculture; each one of them is to grow one million hectares of cotton.
However, it is expected that in the forthcoming visit, other areas of cooperation are to be tackled, especially in academic and training spheres. Sudanese students can be dispatched to study there, especially the branches of knowledge that are of a technical nature, such as medicine, engineering and computer sciences.
In conclusion, we can say this; the visit of President Al Bashir to Russia will be associated with much goodness mutually and in all fields, especially economically.