Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Editorial: The Joint Military Forces

The Joint Military Forces (JMF) between Sudan and Chad has been proven as of very much effectiveness and practicability in preventing penetration

of armed rebel forces into their lands mutually.
Now, this experiment of JMF is considered as the model that should be copied elsewhere continuously and permanently. Now, it is thought as being much appropriate if it is to be applied by South Sudan and Sudan. If they do, much mutual goodness will be reaped from this. Peace and security will dominate them holistically.
Of course, both of South Sudan and Sudan have their armed opposition which is mutually harboured by the other.
This situation makes it as very urgent to introduce JMF as a practical and a feasible measure to end the problems between them once and for all.
However, experiences tell that harbouring of the armed opposition by countries mutually, has been proven as a very much useless tactic and of no benefit at all to neither side of the contentious parties. All efforts, time and money are just wasted irrationally by adhering to such futile trends. As an illustrative example, it was reported that a former African president was noticed as highly addicted to the extent of providing support simultaneously to the certain country and its own opposition.
Needless to say, this pattern of supporting the opposition of the other side is so silly and futile. It is empirically evidenced as doing no good; to neither one of the quarrelling entities. The manifestation of this orientation will be adversely reflected on them; that peace and stability which are very crucial factors for development, are to be utterly non-existent.
If this is the case and it is, then the so proliferation of JMF becomes very imperative and a must. It happens to be applied by both Sudan and Chad and it has proven as much successful and fruitful. It has contributed hugely in making peace and development tangible realities in the lands of each others.