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Sunday, 06 November 2016

Editorial: Masterstroke from the Judiciary

In the crimes' page in one of our Arabic dailies a news article was published in a very small space. The news article affirmed that the one of Khartoum North

criminal courts sentenced a Sudanese police officer to 4 months imprisonment for his assaulting a citizen inside the office of the attorney general following their discussion.
Another story said that a senior Sudanese official issued oppressive against some businessmen a matter that caused them great loses. The official rejected all the mediations to reach a reasonable compromise with those businessmen to amend his mistake which violate the policies and procedures.
The businessmen found no alternative other than filing a claim against the said official.
The court ruling was to cancel the decision of the official, but he raised the case to the court of appeals which also supported the ruling of the court; but the official challenged the ruling and insisted not to apply the ruling.
That being the case the Supreme Court issued a ruling to arrest that senior official after lifting immunity from him.
When the police came to arrest the man, he used his relations with other officials in the Presidency to cancel the arrest warrant; but the judiciary rejected the Presidency appeal which in turn yielded to the ruling.
The official found no other way other than cancelling his oppressive decisions.
Such news should be the headlines of the newspapers and not in the crimes pages/
That good news proves that the judiciary is there to protect the citizens and their rights.
It is apparent that the country is witnessing a real reform in the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary in general.
As we said before in our commentaries, from here the reform starts as it will restore the confidence of the citizens towards the government as a whole.
Our message to the Minister of Justice is to we go ahead with his reform programme which we are now picking its fruits.