Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Editorial: AI; Tightly Cornered

Germany has clearly expressed its doubts regarding the Amnesty International report about Sudan; that this Sudan uses chemical weapons

to kill its own citizens in the region of Darfur. In this concern, Germany’s State Minister of the Foreign Ministry has described the report as utterly unbelievable.
This evidence from abroad against AI is not the sole one to expose how much of a liar it is regarding the issue of chemicals, but domestically there are other strong evidences as well.  UNAMID and the present Sudanese government are the good illustration of this.
UNAMID in Sudan is assigned the responsibility of making peace and stability prevails all over Darfur. Its testimony goes like this; that none of its forces whose number amounts to 20,000 persons, a combination of both soldiers and civilians, have perceived  any physical presence of chemical weapons in the territories of Darfur. None of its offices and medical units which are widely scattered there happens to report cases as such and even the armed rebel movements of Darfur do not talk or confirm anything related to this subject matter.
Needless to say, UNAMID should be listened to attentively and by all, for a very simple reason. It is the international community that imposes this UNAMID forcibly on Sudan and therefore its witness on any matter, be it chemical weapons and none, should be given due heed.
As for the Sudanesse government, it has shown that it is very sure that it posseses no weapons as such. As proof of innocence from accuasations as such, it has never stopped extending invitations invariably to all, especially the concerned circles, to just come bythemselves and check what is going on here, especially in the region of Darfur.
In conclusion, we can say this; all, especially Germany, UNAMID and the Sudanese government, have tightly cornered this AI, all the three entities have proven beyond any doubt that AI is a number one liar, to say the least.