Current Date:

Friday, 18 November 2016

Editorial: Halayeb Should Be Restored Promptly

President Al Bashir discloses that the most complicated predicament between Cario and Khartoum is the issue of Halayeb

. He added that they are very insistent to talk about it continuously and permanently till it will be radically solved.
As we all know, whenever the Sudanese Egyptian relations are tackled, automatically the subject matter of Halayeb comes to the fore.
Historically, Halayib has been part and parcel of Sudan; since the Condominium rule and up to the year 1995, when the Egyptian forces interfered to annex it militarily and violently.
However, Sudan will do its best to try all means, peacefully and legally, for the restoration of this Halayeb. Now, the ball is at the Egyptian court. Egypt, in particular, has to choose one out of two options; either the solution of Halayeb amicably, through direct negotiations with Sudan, or alternatively, the two countries are to seek international arbiration.
When it comes to this arbritration, sure, Egypt is not in favour of. The reason for this is very simple.  It has not the relevant documents to support its side concerning this matter. But, undoubtedly, Sudan has all of them.
It goes without saying that this hegemony and imposition of the status quo policy will not do.  On the contrary, it will make us more determined than ever before to stick to our ownership of Halayib and to raise our voices very high up, just reiterating that Halayeb was Sudanese and it is to continue as Sudanese and that hopefully one day it will return to the bosom of the motherland the Sudan.
One more thing to be added here; we as Sudanese, publicly and officially, we will never succumb and give up concerning this unjust transgression on a dear part of our territories.
In conclusion, we can say this; the Sudanese, officially and publically, are in one trench regrading this crucial topic of Halayeb. Egypt, especially officially should give the issue all the due heed, therefore the restoration of Halayib immediately, today before tomorrow.