Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Editorial: Agar and the Unfulfilled Dream

From his stay abroad, the chairperson of SPLM/N, Malik Agar, has called on the Sudanese public domestically to revolt against the current government

with the aim of toppling it. This Agar thinks that the recently announced economic measures by the present government are a golden opportunity to get rid of it by all means, especially violently.
However, such a scenario on part of the opposition of which Agar is a member will never materialize. There are many and variety of reasons to support this trend. To begin with, the opposition forces are so weak to carry out such a task. Not only because they are very poor when it comes to resources, but also they do not have t any sort of direct contact with Sudanese public. 
As an illustrative example, late Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud of the Communist Party, happened to voice a similar call to Sudanese masses to gather at Abu Ginzeer Square at the centre of Khartoum for the purpose of demonstrating against and uprooting this same government. When he went there as scheduled, he was very depressed and shocked. Not a single person was there to participate in an occasion as such.
Moreover, now the Sudanese have become much aware of what is to serve their interests and not. They are no longer to be dragged blindly as herds are. They keep continuously and persistently asking questions such as,   ‘if we are to topple this government, then who is the convincing and trustful alternative?’  Actually, the recent history of Sudan is full to the brim with alternative governments.  A government comes and goes and then it is to be replaced by another; and so on and so forth. The Sudanese people reap nothing fruitful from them but mere hardships and miseries.
Another point is this; the ongoing series of violence that are regionally experienced and witnessed is a very crucial factor to make the Sudanese citizens much vigilent and very reluctant to get rid of the incumbent government.
In conclusiion, we can say this; in reality, this Agar knows very well that no chance at all for him and his likes to rule Sudan violently, but this can be only through dreams. If this is the case and it is, so let him to dream indefinitely, so to speak.