Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Editorial: National Dialogue for Sudan not Political Affiliations

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has stressed, in a press statements yesterday, adherence to the outcome of the National Dialogue

Outcome Document which they will seek by every means to implement its recommendations from the top downward to the ground, stressing that the coming phase is a phase of national accord in which all the national forces must abandon their narrow partisan affiliations.
This statement deserves some comment. First up to now the political forces that have participated and endorsed the National Dialogue Outcome Document have not exerted the least effort to orient their bases on this important document for the future of peace, stability and development in the country.
On the contrary all the discussions are about how many seats each will have in the next parliament and government as if the country’s chronic problems will be solved by more numbers of parliamentarians and ministers. If the “political forces are now before national entitlements” as the DUP Khartoum State Chairman said then the first national entitlement should be to demand the reduction in the number of parliamentarians and ministers which is one of the major factors in the public budget deficit.
Real national entitlements should start by the political forces presenting programmes for the development of the country regardless is who is a minister or parliamentarian. This can be by the establishment of some kind of consultative bodies with the government on a voluntary basses which do not cost the tax payer more burdens.
The DUP statement is excellent but we want to see deeds on the ground not just statements and the DUP should start themselves this process since they advocated for it, and also because charity should start first at home.
This does not mean absolving the other political forces from their responsibility to put the nation’s interest first and refrain from seeking political gains at the expense of the nation and ordinary citizens.
Again we repeat that the National Dialogue Outcome Document is for the future of Sudan and not for narrow political gains.
The DUP Khartoum State Chairman said that  the political forces are now before national entitlements to set the bases and brief them on the outcomes of the national dialogue and the national document which was unanimously accepted by most of the Sudanese people.

The first part of this statement is basic for the success of the National Dialogue outcomes and so far