Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: The Sanctions and the Alternatives

It is all about the sanctions that are imposed by America on Sudan and the demand of Sudan that they should be immediately lifted.

Instead of responding promptly to the call of Sudan by lifting the embargo immediately, America has been noticed as behaving very strangely. It prefers to do things partially, instead of being done holistically. Many things can be mentioned here to illustrate how disinterested America is in helping Sudan to overcome its problems radically. To begin with, it allows a Sudanese private hospital for breast cancer to import its needs of medical equipment from it; and that it sends a ship loaded with sorghum with the intention of bridging the food gap in the country.
Ironically, while America has been overloading Sudan with unlimited sanctions, it is noticed as persistently asking it to just interfere for the resolution of the ongoing conflict of South Sudan. It is as if throwing a person in a river, while their hands and legs are tightly tied; then, at the same time instructing them not to get wet.
However, the cure to Sudan’s problems is very clear to America and it is much capable of solving them if it wants to. They are merely to be resolved through the immediate lifting of the embargo that it has been imposing on Sudan, especially economically.  If America does, then Sudan would have been the mightiest nation regionally and globally in all fields: socially, economically, and politically. It would have been much satisfied agriculturally and none. Sudan would not have been in need of sorghum to be shipped to it. Simply speaking, if Sudan had got self-sufficient not only in the crop of sorghum, but also it would have become the biggest exporter of it regionally and globally. Regarding the rebellion, Sudan would have been very comptent, especially militarily, getting rid of it, without seeking the assistance of others, be they America or others.
But, if America is to insist on imposing the sanctions continuously, permanently and unlimitedly, then there is no way for Sudan but to look for alternatives seriously and vehemently. In fact, it has already started a pattern as such. Now, it is been noticed as inclining holistically and vigorously towards the Eastern countries, especially China and Russia.