Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: The National Document

In New York, 12 persons, supported by 18 organizations, were recently reported as demonstrating there, just calling for the overthrow

of the incumbent government of Sudan.
In this regard, there is a question that poses itself vehemently here; how for a few persons as such,  whose number doesn’t exceed the five fingers of the  hand,  are to manage to topple the present government only verbally, while the armed rebel movements, who are physically present in the country have utterly failed to do it?
In this concern, the history of Sudan, especially recently, is full to the brim with incidents as such which are all about the ceasing of power violently and militarily. To begin with, when the SPLM/A, led by late John Garang, tried to dominate the whole country from Nimule to Wadi Halfa, it was completely defeated in this area. Ironically, it had ended up as not reaching even the suburbs of Juba town. When Garang saw that his defeat was very imminent, he had immediately engaged in signing an agreement with it.
In line with this, there is late Khalil Ibrahim of the Justice and Equality movement. While on his way to Khartoum to overthrow the preset government by force, he was trapped and cornered   tightly and vigorously, a move that had promptly resulted in his downfall tragically.  Instead of dominating Khartoum by the barrel of the gun, it has become his graveyard permanently and indefinitely, till doomsday.
Howeve, success of the government in aborting such conspiracies, does not just come out of the blue. Besides enjoying high levels of vigilence and alertness, the government is also noted as being very strong and powerful, especially militarily.
In conclusion, the two of them, the ones who open their mouths widely and the others who rely on the gun barrel domestically to overthrow the present government, there is a valuable advice to be conveyed to them: that if they are very eager to attain power conveniently, they should hurry up, today before tomorrow, to sign the national document that has emanated from the national dialogue. It is the safest, most secure and the quickest way to have accessiblity to power, especially democratically.