Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Editorial: A Step Forward, But Not Enough

Recently, USA has issued a communiqué just calling on the government of South Sudan to stop providing accommodation and support to the armed opposition of Sudan.

Because of this, now the position of Sudan’s rebels is going to be very weak and critical. They are being threatened as either to leave the territories of South Sudan or to get disarmed and put in camps, in a way that is quite akin to the refugees.
Actually, tackling of USA to this file of the Sudanese armed opposition presently, is indicative of an imminent change in position towards the incumbent government of Sudan.
USA and until recently, has been noticed as exerting utmost efforts to just destabilize the position of Sudan through both the sanctions and the armed opposition. 
Now, it seems that such an orientation on part of USA  is no longer valid. The fact that it has been absenting itself from playing any role in Sudan makes others to just come in to fill this gap. And because nature does not know any vacuum, China, Russia and other friendly nations have just got in as a genuine replacement. 
Needless to say, now Sudan is very much concerned with this; that USA should lift the embargo right now. If it does, of course, the fruits will not be reaped by Sudan alone, but rather mutually.
It should be declared publicly that Sudan has now become open to all who are willing to contribute in its development, vigorously and progressively forward. Although the others, especially the friendly and brotherly ones, have been doing a good job for the welfare of the Sudanese public, officially and none but still this is not enough. Sudan still needs more and more contributors to boost it forward and in every sphere, socially, economically and politically. In this respect, USA has to hurry up and to get involved in this developmental process, for the welfare of the two peoples, Sudanese and Americans mutually.
In conclusion, we can say this; call of USA on South Sudan to stop providing accommodation and support to the Sudanese armed movements, is a very welcome step, but still it is not enough, It needs to be followed by further practical work; lifting immediately of the sanctions that it has been imposing on Sudan today, before tomorrow so to speak.