Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: Uniqueness

Sudan is the sole country whose politicians, rulers and opponents, have been noticed as harboring no antagonistic feelings against each other.

  This is well manifested by the incumbent president of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir. He has been shown talking favorably about some components of the opposition.
When he is in the presence of late Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud of the communist party, he discovers that he has been listening attentively to a true teacher from whom one can lean a lot. That Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi of the National Umma Party is a basic player in the Sudanese political arena, that his joining of the armed rebels as an opposition is something that adversely has affected his position, just lowering it to the lowest levels. While on the other hand, for Al-Mahdi to become part of the rebels adds to them positively, hugely and tremendously. Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani of the Democratic Unionist Party has been contributing a lot to Sudanese politics, just advancing it forwards vigorously. He often has been noted as giving priority to all that is national to the exclusion of all else, especially the patrician issues. 
In consolidation to these comments on part of Al Bashir, we can say this; these politicians, ruling and none, when meeting on social occasions, just forget about their political differences and just engage in a state of togetherness as true friends.
The aforementioned reflects vehemently how Sudan is a very unique country, politically and none. Once you get in touch with it, especially physically, there is no way out but to fall in love with it. The story of the four ambassadors whose official stay in the country has ended and have been preparing as quitting home, is the genuine illustration of this.
While bidding farewell to President Al Bashir, they disclosed that when their respective countries have instructed them to go to Sudan as ambassadors, just representing them there, they had wept vehemently. And now, after a considerable period of time in Sudan, they have been plagued with the same feelings of sadness, while preparing themselves to go home. Initially, their sadness and weeping emanates from sheer hatred to Sudan. However, the latest one revolves around a true love for it.
In conclusion, we can say this; our politicians, officially and none, wrangle politically, but they end up as intermingling with each other, friendly and amicably. After all, this is the unique Sudan that once you live in; it is so easy to fall in love with, so to speak.