Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Daily Arabic Press Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Al Sudani
* Free exchange rates for medicines and expatriates

* Parliament discusses constitutional amendments
* Khartoum Airport lands for Sale
* Decline in English language teachers standards

Akhir Lahza
* Drastic measures against striking teachers
* Call for liberalization of the educational system
* 400 factories violated environment laws in Khartoum
* 13 deaths in Managil because of dairies

Akhbar Al Youm
* Foreign Ministry issues statement on sanctions renewal
* Decline in forests belts in Khartoum
* Decline in water supply in Khartoum state
* Campaign to reduce illiteracy

Al Intibaha
* UN will freeze refugee camps assistance soon
* 4239 University teachers have immigrated
* Call for a university in every locality
* Demand for end of Violence in Universities

* American sanctions will not topple the government
* No student will be deprived of education because of fees
* African countries will withdraw from ICC this year
* Khartoum criticizes President Obama

Al Ray Am
* Trial of three police officers for negligence
* Call to prosecute Amnesty International in the UK
* Decline in Sesame and dura prices in Gedarif
* Finance negatively effects agricultural sector

Al yom Al Tal
* 50 percent in sugar production
* 2 billion pounds for dams affected citizens
* Sudan signs cooperation agreement with South Korea
* Rebels attacks citizens and properties in Jowda

Al Mijhar
* Introduction of computerized Ex-ray
* Al-Mahdi return aim to achieve peace and democratic transformation
* President will visit Morocco next month
* State doesn’t want to monopolize Al-haj

* 40 percent of citizens covered by health insurance
* Northern State assembly rejects sale of public premises
* Calls for investigation committee on Darfur
* UN says Sudan affected by climate change