Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Daily Arabic-language newspapers Headlines Monday, October 31, 2016

*Al-Sudani publishes story of the Sudanese national accused in terrorist cell in Saudi Arabia.

*Sudan and Kenya sign memo of understanding in mining and petroleum field.
*Al Bashir and Kenyatta affirm their determination to confront the International Criminal Court.
*Central Bank of Sudan cancels licenses of five exchanges.
Akher Lahza:
*Return of Al-Mahdi raises differences at the Umma Party.
*President Al Bashir to leave for Qatar today
*Kenyan President: National dialogue experiment proves capability of Africa to benefit from its errors.
*Abu-Garda: We started reform of the health system.
Akhbar Al-Yom:
*Plan to explode Al-Jawhara Stadium on Saudi Arabia – Emirates match by terrorist cell, including a Sudanese, aborted.
*Secretary General of Islamic Movement reveals details of Shura Council meeting for coping with post-dialogue era.
*Kenyata to Al Bashir: You are a model leader and I congratulate you on success of national dialogue.
*Sudan to host today Third Arab-African meeting on agricultural development and food security.
*Ministry of Health: We bought medical equipments by loans from the market.
*Return of Al-Mahdi explodes situation and differences in Umma Party and Sarra Nugdalla threatens to resign.
*Government reveals signing of agreement with China to establish nuclear electricity power station.
*Juba rejects initiative for solving South Sudan problem with participation of Machar.
*Two mechanisms for implementing national dialogue recommendations and monitoring the implementation to be formed.
*Sudan and Kenya sign agreements to combat ICC and economic sanctions.
*Government: We will not allow holding political activity that leads to demonstration and overthrow of regime.
*Participation in government raises differences inside the People's Congress Party.
*Alliance between Ghazi and Al-Mahdi. National Congress denies giving bribes for withdrawal from ICC.
*British Ambassador and Presidential Assistant discuss formation of new government.
*Steven Lual: Juba will fail to implement its decision to expel Khartoum's opposition movements.
Al-Yom Al-Tali:
*Kenyan President appreciates progress achieved by Sudan in oil industry field.
*More than eight million Euros assigned by EU for development projects in East Sudan.
Al-Rai Al-Am:
*Kenyan President: Sudanese dialogue is suitable to solve African problems.
*Kenyan President: Africa is planning to establish its own court.
* Ibrahim Mahmoud and British Ambassador discuss resumption of negotiations in Addis Ababa.
*Crisis in Umma Party caused by arrangements for return of Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi.
 *Al Bashir and Kenyatta to launch campaign for confronting unilateral decisions against Sudan.
 *Bar Association to dismiss any advocate who does not renew his license for three years.
* Chairman of the Council of States: Tribal disputes are more risky than political differences