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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Daily Arabic Headlines Sunday, October 30, 2016

*Details of the summit meeting between Al Bashir and the Kenyan President in Khartoum.

*Blood bank official: A decision to stop blood transfusion except for emergency cases.
* Measures expected against companies that used money allocated for medicines illegally.
* Popular Congress reiterates they will not particpate in the coming government.

Akhir Lahza
*Talks between Al Bashir and Kenyatta held in Khartoum.
*Operation for separating Sudanese siamese twins carried out successfully in Saudi Arabia.
*Acute shortage in blood tranfusion bags.
*Popular Congress: The recommendations of the National Dialogue have blocked the way before any uprising.

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Khartoum is heading to export 800,000 heads of cattle to Cairo.
*Al Bashir and Kenyatta hold summit talks, with situations in South Sudan and bilateral relations constitute most important files.
*Hemaiti: Rupid Support Forces expelled Abdalla Gana forces at the Sudanese-Chadian borders.
*Joint Sudanese-Ethiopian military committee concludes session in Addis Ababa in the presence of defence ministers of the two countries.

Al Intibaha
*Juba tasks the North Sector with protecting its rockets at Jebel Kangor area.
* Rapid Support Forces arrests Kengi Eisa.
* Government announces change in act and commission of elections.

*Al-Mahdi: Sudan will witness new political innovation if the National Dialogue is completed.
* Parliamentarian: Malpractice in the support allocated for poor families.
* Ki-moon calls on Security Council to solve crisis of opposition elements from South Sudan who sought refuge in Congo.

Al-Rai Al-Am
*China supports the African countries concerning withdrawal from the ICC.
*Information Minister: Implementation of Dialogue outcome requires amendment of 67 laws.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
*Ghazi and Al-Mahdi discuss accord and political reform.
*Democratic Unionist Party holds its general conference in December 19.

*Al Bashir and the Kenyan President Hold important talks in Khartoum with South Sudan issue loom high.
*Mubarak Al-Fadil: We are partners with President Al Bashir in national responsibility.
*Astronomy expert forecast sun eclipse next January.

*The Constitutional Court dismisses request to lift subsides on medicines.
* Government: There will be no negotiations with movements after end of the year.