Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Saturday, October 29, 2016

Al Sudani
*Al Bashir not sorry for severing relations with Iran
* Presently no change in governors
* Economic and living conditions the greatest challenges
* China will continue economic partnership with Sudan

Akhir Lahza
* Al Bashir will not protect corruption
* Electric transmission from Ethiopia to Sudan
* Call to hold Education ministry accountable
* Economic challenges facing the country
*Too early to talk about a new government

Akbar Al Youm
* Violent clashes between Hadandowa and Bani Amer
* Additional US$100 million for microfinance
* 7 + 7 mechanism call Washington to pressure rebel groups
* Turkey security red line for Sudan

Al Intibaha
* Military protection for cultivation season in Darfur
* Conflicts in societies prescriptions for destructions
* Native administration addresses tribal conflicts issues 
* Resolving land issues for citizens and investors interest

*Measures to prevent Farmers and pastoralists clashes 
*Auditor General under fire
* Parliamentary prescription for high living costs
* Divorce among newly married crises

Al Ray Al AM
*China considers Sudan a friend of steel
*Living standards in Sudan has increased
* Funds for microeconomic finance more than demand
* National Dialogue reached satisfactory levels

Al Yom Al Tali
* South Sudan and Economic cooperation main agenda in Sudan-Kenya Summit
*New law to amalgamate newspapers
*Foreign Minister visits China

Al Majhar
* No protection for NCP leadership
* National Assembly will be increased by 47 seats
* Turkey keen in more investment in Sudan
* US has no clear measures for sanctions

* Ethiopian Prime Minister in South Sudan
* Gezira State represents Sudan unity
* Government commitment increased confidence in National Dialogue