Current Date:

Monday, 31 October 2016

Editorial: No Place for Gamblers

Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi of the freedom and justice party has been quoted as saying that any one who is to enter Khartoum

by the force of the gun and then at the same time thinking that such a thing will result in a unified and a stable Sudan, they are wrong and merely very much deluded.
On our part, we do agree that there are gamblers as such, but not to the extent of entering Khartoum victoriously, especially militarily. The recent Sudanese history is full of occurrences as such. When the SPLM/A, led by late Garang, tried to dominate the whole country from Numuli to Wadi Halfa, it utterly failed to fulfil this dream. Ironically, it ended up as not reaching and controlling even the Juba town. Because of this, and when Garang saw that his defeat was so imminent by the incumbent government, he immediately engaged in signing an agreement with it.
Another gambler is late Dr. Khalil Ibrahim of the Justice and Equality movement. While approaching Khartoum to seize power there illegitimately and unjustly, the present government had trapped and cornered him vehemently which; consequently resulted in his tragic downfall. Khartoum has become his graveyard permanently, till doomsday.
 However, abortion of such conspiracies does not just come out of the blue.  Besides enjoying high levels of vigilance and alertness, the current government is also as so strong and powerful, especially militarily. If this is the case and it is, then this Al-Sisi should know that under no circumstance Khartoum is the place to be entered by power seekers forcibly and militarily.
In contrast, Khartoum can only be entered peacefully and through the national dialogue and the national document that has emanated from it.  If the gamblers and power dreamers are to listen to this, then their bloods and properties will be preserved from being plagued by any sort of harm. Otherwise, Khartoum will be their indefinite graveyard.