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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Editorial: Let Them Just Lick the Dust

The advisor of president Donald Trump for the affairs of Africa and the Middle East, Waleed Faris, happens to state that no reasons

at all to urge America and its European allies to lift the economic embargo from Sudan.
As we all know, and based on his electoral campaign and programme, that this Trump has shown no hostility at all towards Sudan and its people. He has only been noticed as mainly focusing on issues which are of crucial importance to the Americans.Conspicuous among them is that America should be protected hugely from terrorism and extremism and that taxation on the citizens, especially the poor, should be considerably alleviated
So, the statement that is uttered by the Trump’s advisor that the embaro will not be lifted from Sudan needs to be put in its true context. This advisor happens to address a rally of a small group of Sudanese opposition in Washington who are detected as very angry about the incumbent government of Sudan. So, and in order to cool them down and get placated the advisor simply told them that the sanctions on Sudan would never be lifted.
In conclusion, we can say this, the whole issue of the advisor and the small group of the Sudanese opposition in Washington is but a mere courtesy that is mainly intended to let them cool down from their anger and therefore get very happy that the present new adminstration of America will never remove the sanctions that have been imposed on Sudan a long time ago.
But, on our part as Sudanese public, officially and none, we are very optimistic that this Trump, although he is presently vey busy elsewhere, especially domestically, he will soon surprise all with the good news of the lifting of the sanctions on Sudan once and for all, Allah willing.  At that moment, which is very imminent, the small group of the Sudanese opposition in Washington will just lick the dust, so to speak.