Current Date:

Monday, 28 November 2016

Daily Arabic Press Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Al Sudani
* Any doctor who strikes will be suspended 

* Information about another Tunisian terrorists wanted by Italian authorities 
* Parliament call for revision of Egyptian fishing contracts

Akhir Lahza
* Government and rebels negotiations in Doha 
* The last year for negotiations with rebels
* Acute shortage in dentists 
* Special support for Red Sea state

Akhbar Al-Yom
* New plans to clean residential areas 
* Food security gap in the Red Sea
.*180 thousand feddans for garbage disposal
* Budget deficit in Blue Nile state

Al Intibaha
* Suspicious activities in east Sudan
* Sanitation tariff added water and electricity bill
*Studies completed on a Metro erection
* Some factories use harmful inputs

* Foreigners smuggle gold from production areas
* Nile water for Red Sea state
*Decline in Sesame prices in Gedarif
* Khartoum efforts against terrorism and extremism

Al-Ray Al-Am
* SDG 60 billion to purify Khartoum drinking water
* New electric power station in Port Sudan
* Joint plans to promote relations with Turkey
* Support for consumer protection experience

Al-Yom Al Tali
* Gold didn’t contribute to the national income 
* Negligence in Khartoum North water station
* Failure in storage and marketing of 2016 agricultural season produce

Al Mijhar
* 17 percent of the population lives in Khartoum
* Start of COP 22 Climate Summit in Morocco
*Germany propose technical support for the drafting of the new constitutions
Al Sahafa
* Opposition forces capture Unity state 
* 13 thousand IDPs families return in North Darfur
*Cooperation between Child Cancer hospitals in Sudan and Egypt