Current Date:

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Dr. Abdulmagid All Sings Indicate Lifting American Blockade From Sudan

Khartoum: Secretary General of Gum Arabic Council Dr. Abdulmajid Abdulgadir said all indications show lifting the American blockade from Sudan next month specially because it is a political blockade and some banks have responded during this blockade to the American pressure by not dealing with Sudan.
Abdulmajid added in a statement to (SUNA) that Sudan has cooperated in many international issues with the international community in addition to halting the war and peace issues expecting the two sides to work towards lifting the sanctions which were unjust and unjustified.
The Secretary General of Gum Arabic Council has downplayed the anti voices of the opposition  and  those who  are seeking the American nationality who continued to call from inside America for not lifting the sanctions asserting that those have no big effect on American policy and they have private interests they are seeking to realize and most of the Sudanese people are the lifting of sanctions from Sudan
He highlighted the need for synchronizing efforts between the different components of the community and get prepared for the coming phase so that benefit from lifting the sanction may be realized.