Current Date:

Monday, 09 April 2018

Minister of Interior Directs Sending Accommodation Materials to Sennar State

Khartoum - Minister of Interior Lt. General Police Hamid Manan has directed the National Council for Civil Defense to send accommodation material and emergency aids to Sennar State after being affected by floods.
He demanded the government of Sennar State to find radical solution for the residence of the villages that ly in the floods courses and along the banks of the river.
Manan was acquainted on Tuesday in the field with damages caused by the floods at Es Suki locality, Wad Aies and Dontie and some of the villages located in the fragile regions. the have also inspected the protection embankment of the city of Singa.
He was also familiarized with conditions and the State's plans and its efforts with regards to rainy season emergencies demanding Sennar state to take decisive measures by laying down radical solutions for the villages located on the courses of floods and the low regions along the river
He directed the National Council For Civil Defense to senion d accommodation materials and emergencies aids immediately to Sennar state in anticipation of any emergencies and predictions of rise Blue Nile levels.
Governor of the State Al Daw Al Mahi demanded an increase of central support and called the organizations and youths and students associations  and the sectors of the community to intensify efforts for a safe  passing from the rainy season