Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

6,000 Antiquities Sites Discovered in Sudan as Part of Qatari Archeological Project

Khartoum - (SMC) The general coordinator of the Qatari archaeological project in Sudan Dr. Salah Mohamed Ahmed has disclosed that more than 6,000 new antiquities sites have been discovered within the project during the past three years.
Dr. Ahmed said in a statement to SMC that more than 1,000 of the discovered artifact are suitable for display at museums, explaining that the Qatari project has conducted besides survey and exploration operations architectural maintenance works, covering churches, temples, houses and mosques besides maintenance of antiquities and wall inscriptions, especially the Christian ones at Old Dongola area. This is besides Jebel Berkel which dates back to Napata period.
Dr. Ahmed said the project comes at an honorable initiative by the State of Qatar for maintenance and discovery of the antiquities as it allocated a grant of 135 million dollars for the five-year project.