Current Date:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Haroun Calls for Changing Perceptions on Agriculture

Khartoum - Governor of North Kordofan State, Maulana Ahmed Mohamed Haroun affirmed that Sudan's achievement of the world's food basket is through research, studies and technologies, referring to successful partnerships in the state.
At the meetings of the national committees for the authorization of varieties and crop cultivation in Sudan, the governor stressed the importance of convening this meeting for the first time outside Khartoum and Medani to discuss the matter of research and technology in the state.
For his part, Minister of Agriculture in North Kordofan, Mohamed Hamid addressed the scientific and studied interventions in the field of agriculture to attract investors and increase production and productivity, praising the convening of the meeting in the state.
Director of the Agricultural Research Authority in Sudan, Adel Omer said that the meetings of the technical committees are held for the first time outside Khartoum and Medani at the invitation of the Governor of North Kordofan to help the state in improving production and productivity, stressing their interest in modern technologies and improve the conditions of researchers.