Current Date:

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Al Bashir Awards AU Ambassador to Al-Nileen Order

Khartoum - (SUNA) President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has bestowed Al-Nileen Order (First Class) on Ambassador of African Union (AU) in Khartoum,

Mahmoud Kan on occasion of expiry of his assignment in Sudan and in recognition of AU efforts to boost peace, stability and development in the country.
Kan underscored in press statements after meeting the President of the Republic at the Republican Palace Wednesday, that AU would remain supportive to Sudan to overcome all its challenges as, he added Sudan is an active actor in AU and from conviction that solutions should come from national and African frameworks, describing problems Sudan faces as temporary.
He said he was confident in capabilities of Sudanese people to address all their problems and that Sudan would continue in making peace and stability.
The AU Ambassador said the AU is satisfactory of lifting the unjust sanctions against Sudan.