Current Date:

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Foreign Ministry: Agenda and Tracks of Dialogue with Washington are Clear

Khartoum - (SMC) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed that the agenda and tracks of negotiations with Washington on removing the name of Sudan from the list of

states sponsoring terrorism are clear as it has indicated that the dialogue on this file may be resumed during the coming days.
State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Idris has said in statement to SMC that the lifting of the US sanctions has realized many positive steps that would pave the way for removing the name of Sudan from the terrorism list, reaffirming readiness of Khartoum for resumption of dialogue with Washington according to the set tracks and priorities for their discussion and final revocation of the sanctions, adding that as the negotiating team had succeeded in lifting the US sanctions it would also realize success in the  file of removing the name of Sudan from the terrorism list.
He pointed out that the negotiating team is open for cooperation with Washington on the issues of terrorism and combating human trafficking.