Current Date:

Saturday, 14 April 2018

DIU Expects to Complete Work of Upper Atbara and Sitit Dams Complex in Next June

Khartoum–Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) of the Ministry of Irrigation, Water Resources and Electricity expected to complete the work of Upper Atbara and Sitit dams’ complex in June.
State Minister, DIU Director General, Eng. Khidir Mohamed said that the unit completed all studies related to the proposed dams, pointing out that the construction of the dams is governed by an international law that recognizes the principle of sharing the benefits resulting from the projects, noting that the unit provided good models in the resettlement of affected people and transferred them a qualitative shift in terms of social and security services, pointing to the benefits of dams of the production of clean electricity, organization of sustainable irrigation and infrastructure projects, treatment of devastating floods and the organization of river navigation and the provision of fisheries, stressing that the Merowe Dam is a successful project by all standards, where it produces electricity capacity of 1250 MW that supported the agricultural economy, industrial and residential sector in the country.
He referred to the Arab countries and funds that have contributed with the government of the Sudan in the completion of these projects, stressing their support to the DIU in all of its development projects, including Zero Thirst Project.