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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Muslims and Christians in Sudan, Model of Religious Coexistence: Minister

Khartoum – As part of an invitation from the Orthodox sects in Sudan, Minister of Guidance and Endowment, Dr. Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim, participated in the celebrations

with the Easter Festival yesterday at the Coptic Church in Omdurman.
The Minister of Guidance and Endowments met the Bishop Seramone, the Bishop of Orthodox Church of Omdurman and North Sudan. He congratulated him and his followers with the occasion. He assured the deep rooted relations between Muslims and Christians as a model of religious coexistence in Sudan, describing it as a unique and unpreceded humanitarian experiment in the world.
The minister of guidance and endowment was accompanied with top officials at the ministry.
It worth mentioning that ministry of guidance and endowment always participates in the celebrations of Christians with their different sects in Sudan as part of the religious coexistence in Sudan .