Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Joint Committee to Work out Compatible Regulations among Federal and States’ Ministries of Minerals

Khartoum – Ministry of minerals formed a Joint committee to end obstacles facing mining companies.  Professor Hashim Ali Salim, Minister of Minerals stated to the press after the 3rd meeting in 2018, of the council of minister of minerals held yesterday at the Ministry, that a joint committee was formed to discuss these problems facing mining companies.
The minister added that they discussed the experiment of specialized banks, to benefit from it in establishing the Minerals Bank to avoid such problems, he noted that bank of mineral will be a public contributed company, where all companies working in the mining sector to participate, pointed to that it deals with free and hard currencies to facilitate the export process and exchanging currencies among these mining companies.
Prof. Hashim declared some facilities to the companies work in mining represented into cancelling some of special fees concern permissions and assist in importing equipment, besides allowing these companies to treat the raw materials of traditional miners, and give these companies new blocks after its success in the blocks had given before, in order to increase product, implement the society responsibility projects, environment and health reservation, in addition to give priority employment  to the local community in the areas where these companies  work .
The joint committee includes Ministries of Minerals, Finance and Economic Planning, Investment, Trade, Central Bank of Sudan, and Sudanese Customs Authority.