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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sudanese Repatriated Females Speak-out to Sudan Vision

National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on Wednesday brought home from Libya seven Sudanese women who they said were members of the jihadist Islamic State group.
The seven women, dressed in traditional Sudanese clothes and wearing headscarves, were shown to journalists at Khartoum airport where they were welcomed by their relatives.
Three children were also brought along with the women.
The group, which included twin sisters, had arrived from the Libyan city of Misrata, security officials said.
The seven women were members of Da'esh and some had even participated in fighting on the battlefield.
The women had gone to Libya in 2014 and 2015 to join the jihadist group.
A relative of one of the three children brought along with the women said that her father had taken her two brothers to Libya three years ago.
In 2017, Sudanese security agents brought home a four-month-old baby girl whose parents were killed in Libya while fighting for the jihadist group.
The returnees will attend ideological courses in order to determine the motives that prompted them to join the militant group.
The repatriation of the 10 people came in coordination with Libyan security authorities after they had been found in the coastal city of Sirte, a former Daesh stronghold in Libya.
Two of the 10 returnees included twins Manar and Abrar Abdul Salam, who are believed to have left Khartoum in August 2015 aboard a flight heading to Istanbul via Sharjah.

Father of the Twin Repatriated Females Speaks-out:

Between silences and bewilderment that father of the twin repatriated females (Manar and Abrar), Abdallah Iydarous told Sudan Vision  that one of the twins wedding was suppose to be three months ago and the other was stable and engaged, adding that there was no indications that they will take a extremist trend and join the ISIS. He hoped that their conduct changes after learning for the lesion.

Hard Lesson:

Abdallah Iydarous continued by expressing appreciation to the NISS after the hard lesson they entered into.
The mother of the twins said that she recalls very well the 29th of August 2015 when the twins told her that their will spend the night with their classmate, which is a normal practice in the family. She added that she never thought that they will disappear from her sight for three years.
The mother of the two kids (Waleed and Abdallah) who were repatriated said that the kids were taken one night by their father who joined the ISIS. Then after days the kid called from Serti a telling their mother that they are in Libya with their father.
Thanks the NISS for exerting efforts to repatriate my kids.
“I advise any mother and father to observe closely their kids to avoid this dangerous phenomenon among the Sudanese society” she said.
She affirmed that the father of the kids (her husband) was a very calm man and helped in bringing up the kids, adding that he works in trade with Saudi Arabia.
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