Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sudanese-Kenyan Developing Relations

Khartoum - Today Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto starts a three days visit to Sudan where he holds talks and meetings with the government top officials. The visit aims to tackle the bilateral relations between the two countries; besides signing of number of agreements and memorandums of understanding on cooperation between Sudan and Kenya in the economic, commercial and developmental fields.
This visit is considered part of the deep-rooted and extended relations between the two countries. The two nations maintain ties in various areas, mainly in security sector. Since the Independence of Sudan in 1956, Sudan is working to support the liberation movements in Africa. The famous conference held in Bandung – Indonesia in 1955 was one of the starts still are winging in the Afro-Asian nations history.  
Sudan is one of the first countries that obtained its independence early in Africa followed by other countries in the region. It also worked to develop its relations with the neighboring and friend countries.
Regarding the diplomatic relations between the countries, it was established since the independence of Kenya in 1963.   And Sudan Embassy was opened in Nairobi since then. During the different governments ruled Sudan and Kenya, the two countries have many joint issues that they have to exert more efforts to face. AS part of African counties suffer from some of the international issues such terrorism, human trafficking, refugees, borders disputes, internal conflicts, civil wars.
Political, economic stability, security are the keys of development for any country all over the world. The two countries have strategic situation in the Horn of Africa, because of their political importance, beside the states of the horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti.
The three days visit of the Kenyan top official, Deputy President William Ruto , will enhance the development of the bilateral relations between the two countries . No one can deny the leading role of Kenya in hosting the longest process of peace talks held in many of the Kenyan cities for 9 months, culminated by the signing of peace agreement in 2005, between the Government of Sudan and the rebel movement in the Southern Sudan before the cession of the South in 2011.
Exchanging of governmental officials and signing of agreements in the different fields play major role in developing the relations between the countries. The two countries have many similarities in the cultural diversity, tribes, climatic variations, tourism. All these are considered strong motivators to develop these bilateral relations.
The diplomatic missions in the two countries are expected to exert more efforts to strengthening these relations. Businessmen in the two countries have also their role. The three days of the Kenyan officials will push forward these developing relations.