Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Dialogue Coordination Committee: No Differences on Holding Meeting of General Assembly

Khartoum - (SMC) The Higher Coordination Committee for Following up Implementation of the Outcome of the National Dialogue has affirmed that there is no any difference among the forces of the dialogue due to the call for convening the general assembly of the dialogue, pointing out that it hasn’t received rejection from any party or movement to the anticipated meeting of the assembly to consider amending the recommendations.
Member of the Committee Dr. Osman Abul-Magid said in a statement to SMC that invitation has not been made for convening the general assembly yet, explaining that any such talks are considered as political intrigue and attempt to abort holding of the general assembly meeting, pointing out that the meetings of the assembly are based on the legal quorum.
Abul-Magid explained that the roadmap of the National Dialogue affirmed that all issues shall be resolved through consensus, ruling out any talks about rejection by a party or movement, affirming that such talks do not represent the general assembly.
On the date of holding the meeting of the assembly, he said there is time and the meeting would be agreed upon later on.