Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Kiir Pledges to Finance General Conference of Northern Sector

Juba - President of South Sudan State Salva Kiir Miardit has pledged to fund the general conference of the north sector  which was stated in the decsions of Nuba Libralization Council recently.
Deputy Governor of Nuba Mountains region has disclosed during a briefing to the members of the sector’s bureau in Kampala that Salva Kiir has pledged during the meeting which he held with the leading figures of the sector for solving the excaserbating disputes to fund the convening of the said conference  which Abdulaziz Al Hilu sticks to while  Malik Agar and Yassr Araman reject the conveneing of the conference .
Cadres loyal to Yassir Arman including Anwar Al Haj and Al rasheed Anwar were eliminated from the briefing whereby the invitaions were retricted to the Nuba only.
Salva Kiir has assigned Al Tigani Tama to lay down a conception for holding the conference while he assigned Abdulrahman Saeed to oversee the comittees and secretariat of the conference