Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Kidney Victims to Receive Free Medical Care by February

Khartoum -- The National Center for Diseases and Kidney Surgery will continue to conform to the government’s policies aimed at providing medical treatment and alleviating suffering for kidney victims, the Director General of the Center Dr. Mohamed Al-Sadiq Merghani has said.
Dr. Merghani noted that Kidney victims will be exempt from medical treatment fees, adding victims will receive free kidney cleansing services as of next February.
He disclosed that the center has distributed 48 percent of needed drugs in the state of Khartoum, 13 percent to Gezira, 6 percent to Northern and River Nile states, 4 percent to North Kordofan and 5 percent to Gadarif state, in addition to supplies to Darfur states.
Dr. Merghani added that medical supplies provided by the Center to the states included Glucose, salt, bandages, needles, operation equipment, blood and surgery drugs.