Current Date:

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Foreign Students Studying in Sudan Promotes Connection among Peoples

Khartoum - Secretary General of the National Fund for Students Sponsorship, Professor Mohamed Abdallah Nagarabi said the experiment of the students coming from

a number of sister countries and the neighborhood countries to study at the Sudanese Universities is a successful experiment that reflected their noble targets in creating connection relations between the different peoples through science.
Al-Nagarabi made statement during the celebration held the day before yesterday by the Organization of sponsorship of foreign students for honoring the Students’ Fund in the person of Nagarabi for his growing role in delivering different services to the foreign students,
Al-Nagarabi noted that the number of foreign students has risen in the aftermath of the big expansion of the high education revolution  while  the number of foreign students was previously very small  adding that the intermingling between the foreign students and the local students represents a peoples diplomacy working towards gaining the social cultures  and customs among them expressing gratitude for this honoring stressing their preparedness to deliver all services required in support of the relations between Sudan and the countries from which the students come.
For his part Engineer Mohamed Abdalla Al gadi the president of the foreign students has underscored the growing role undertaking by the fund towards the organization and the foreign students.