Current Date:

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tibin: Sudan Third Largest Country in Animal Resources

Khartoum- Minister of Animal Resources Musa Tibin said Sudan is the third largest animal resources owning country stressing the importance of the Sudanese Veterinarian Council and the veterinary governance in the field of animal health, veterinary activities and animal production.
The Minister elaborated while addressing the for “Boosting of Governance of Veterinary Services” which was organized by the Sudanese Veterinary Council on Monday on the importance of food safety to control and combat diseases  noting that the Ministry provides all the vaccines for vaccinating herds.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry Kamal Taj Al-Sir noted that animal resources sector supports the economy and contributes to the Growth National Product by 20% expressing hope that the future will see further governance in policies, plans and services for realizing self sufficiency, securing food and exporting abroad.
The President of Veterinary Council, Mohamed Taha Shugdi has highlighted a number of challenges including endemic diseases, the rise of migration from the rural areas to the urban areas, agricultural expansion, natural disasters and technological advancement.