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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Al Bashir Presents Initiative for Savanna Basins and Green Darfur

Khartoum (Zuleikha Abdul Raziq – Mona Alihimir) - Sudanese President Omer Al Bashir has presented to the Summit of “COP22” an initiative of establishing   Savanna Basins

for absorbing carbon and the initiative of the green future of Darfur and the tree mobilization for reforestation along with the program of rain water harvest and the solar energy.
Al Bashir said in his speech before the Moroccan Summit in Marrakesh, that the initiative comes in the context of COP22 efforts for resuming the efforts towards realizing the targets of the agreement.
He expressed hope of providing funding and the support of Sudan against the allocations of developing carbon market which is connected with the African green market affirming Sudan’s endeavor with the African countries to make the initiative accommodate all the regional and international initiatives towards figuring out solutions and realizing its targets of reducing carbon emissions and temperature degree.
He renewed Sudan’s contribution towards figuring out solutions and the optimal utilization of its agricultural and forestry resources as well as pastures and animal resources highlighting integration of commitments towards realizing the targets of sustainable development in the climate summit.
He said Sudan has continued to be a participant in the initiative of the Great African Green Belt since the year 2005 and in IGAD initiative for averting drought in the African horn while it sought with the African countries securing food program.
Al Bashir further affirmed that Sudan is capable of giving solutions to the environmental  and economic problems at the national, regional and in its Arab and African Surrounding region expressing hope that of agreeing on programs and executive frameworks for maintain the planet of land and the dignity of the human
COP22 summit has concluded   sessions on Tuesday evening at the Moroccan capital city Marrakesh,
Meanwhile the Sudanese Minister of Environment and Physical Development Dr. Hassan Abdulgadir Hilal said in a press statements said Marrakesh summit has laid down effective solutions to climate crisis in the world. He noted that the international estimates for tackling this issue and problems of the international greenness that occurred in the land globe and the ozone whole as well as the climate change requires 400 billion Dollars stressing that the international environmental conditions are deteriorating due to the emission and mankind is at risk.
Hilal has called for addressing this issue by full funding as well as disseminating up to date and environment friendly technology which was known as green technology highlighting Sudan’s contribution to avoiding these threats pointing to its waters and its clean natural environment.
It is noteworthy that United Nations’ COP22  which has started in the Moroccan city of  Marrakesh  under the motto of “Towards a Better Future” with the participation of the Sudanese President Omer Al Bashir and a number of world President  and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.  The King of Morocco has Mohamed the Six affirmed that the conference is a landmark in activating the historic agreement of Paris on climate  whereby the most affected countries are looking forward to a bigger commitment  and practical measures  for laying down solutions to the coming generations noting that this conference is about truth and clarity.
The Summit was addressed by the French President Francois Mitrand, the president of the previous session who affirmed that no back down from Paris agreement saying that it has come into force on the fourth of this November  stressing that many countries have approved it and started its implementation.
The advanced countries have committed themselves in the context of Paris agreement on climate to allocating 100 billion US Dollars in favor of the countries of the south for overcoming adverse reflections of climate change and assisting them to adapt to the requirements of the agreement.