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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sudan Arrests Tunisian Extremist Abu Naseem

Khartoum - The Italian authorities announced Monday the arrest of a Tunisian national, who is a member of Daash terrorist organization, in Sudan according to an international arrest warrant issued by the Italian Judiciary condemning him of terrorism. He was identified as Muiz Fazani, also known as Abu Naseem. He was convicted in Italy in 2014 of carrying out of terrorist activities.
The Italian Administration for Combating Terrorism said in a statement, according to the state TV, that Muiz Fazani, also known as Abu Naseem, had been arrested in Khartoum in accordance with an international arrest warrant, after he had been sentenced by  Milano Court  in 2014 to five years and eight months imprisonment after he had been convicted of forming a criminal gang with terrorist objectives, after it had been proved that he had carried out activities of recruitment in Italy for Daash terrorist organization.
Fazani was born in Tunisia in 1969 and left for Afghanistan in early 1990s and joined Al Qadeh organization. He arrived in Italy in 1997, where he worked in an active manner to recruit fighters to send them to Afghanistan, according to the statement.
The statement went on in 2009 he was arrested and tried charged with forming a criminal gang. He was expelled in 2012 to Tunisia before the end of the trial, which convicted him in final ruling in 2014.
The statement indicated that Fazani likely travelled to Libya in 2012 and then to Syria in 2013, where he trained fighters belonging to Daash terror organization, but he returned to Libya again in 2014 and then he left it to Sudan after few months, where he was identified thanks to the cooperation of the Sudanese authorities.
Tunisia issued an arrest warrant against him related to the attack on Bardo Museum in Tunisia in March 2015, which led to the killing of  21 tourists and a policeman.
The Italian Senator, Giakomo Stotchi, who chairs a parliamentary committee supervising the Italian intelligence, according AFP news agency, said the intelligence elements played basic role in finding the Tunisian man who had been leading recently Daash fighters near Sabrata port, northwest of Libya.
The Italian Senator welcomed that the man who poses specific threat to the security of all Western citizens is no longer free.