Current Date:

Saturday, 19 November 2016

High Sudanese-Russian Committee to Convene at Beginning of December

Khartoum - Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman was acquainted with the ongoing arrangements for the meeting of the Joint High

Sudanese-Russian Committee which will be held at the dawn of next December in Moscow.
This came during his meeting at his office in the Republican Palace with Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karouri , the Minister of Minerals.
The Minister of Minerals has described the Sudanese-Russian relations as outstanding and advanced particularly in the economic field noting that he has briefed the Vice President on what was reached in most of he joint cooperation files with Russia particularly in the field of minerals, petroleum and agriculture.
He noted that he has briefed Hassabo on the totality of the performance of the Ministry of Minerals during the past period along with the visit paid by geological missions to Darfur which is endowed with minerals particularly gold.