Current Date:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Recent Economic Measures Aim at Facing Impacts of Embargo and War

Khartoum (SUNA)- The Assistant of the President of the Republic, the Deputy Chairman of the National Congress, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmud Hamid has described the

recent economic measures taken by the state as one of the reforms intended to face the negative impacts of the economic sanctions and war imposed on the country.
Engineer Hammed addressing the 7th Forum of Women Leaderships in the Centre and the States which is organized by the NCP Women Secretariat pointed out that the economic measures were designed to support the poor and ease impacts of the economic reform which practiced by a number of countries to contain the global economic crisis .
He said the National Dialogue will continue and the objective is establishment of a national accord -government based on building of the nation, the reform of the economic and political life adding that the most important factor for building the nation is the Sudanese women.