Current Date:

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sudan Complains from International Community not Honoring Pledges

Khartoum (Rami Abdalhafeez Ali) - The Sudanese government said on Monday that the zero agreement on foreign debts, which was signed after South Sudan separation, expired in to 2014. It has been renewed for two years and it will expire in this month without honoring of international obligations towards Sudan’s debts writing off since 2005.
Undersecretary of ministry of foreign Affairs of Ambassador Abdulghani Al-Naiem confirmed during Sudan’s celebrations of 71st anniversary of the United Nations at the ministry of foreign affairs in Khartoum. He said that failure to achieve any progress towards debts writing off although Sudan deserves it.
He noted that debts became an economic obstacle to Sudan’s development and depriving it from benefits of financial support initiatives.
Al-Naiem said Sudan is committed to the principle of United Nations Charters and its importance for continuing efforts for reforming the organization and improvement of its structures.
He  said my homeland  is  committed  to the objectives of the United Nations and sustainable development to guarantee good life to  people even though  it was very difficult in the light of  the unjust  economic sanctions  and foreign debts.