Current Date:

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Daily Arabic Press Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Al Sudani
* Restrictions in tribal societies’ activities in Khartoum

* 400 diabetic patients visits health clinics every day
* Parliament concerned about foreign debts accumulation
* Call for more support for Blue Nile state

Akhir Lahza
* Outreach to investors not waits for them to come
* Al Bashir in COP22
* 25 Edible oil factories resume production 
* National Dialogue Outcome Document in National Archives

Akhbar Al-Yom
* First Vice President meets Deputy President of Yemen 
* Italy funds projects in Eastern Sudan 
* Parliament warns from selling Sudan overseas assets
* Call for ending the foreign debts issue

Al Intibaha
* Destructions of biggest drugs plantations in the country
* Human slaughter in Yei
* Impact of fuels increase on agricultural produce
* Trump victory impact on Climate Change agreement

* Rome demands extradition of a dangerous ISISI terrorist
* Calls for civilians protection in Abyei
* International banks threatens the seizure of Sudan foreign assets

Al-Ray Al-Am
*. Increase in newspapers prices
* Sudan Ready for dialogue with Washington
* Call to increase agricultural produce support funds
* Soon rail transport between Khartoum and Wad Medani

Al-Yom Al Tali
* Increase of army pension age
* Truck weights tarried will increase transport costs 
* Gezira Scheme starts cultivation season
*Sport festival in Kadugli

Al Mijhar
* Death of 17 Sudanese on the Egyptian Libyan borders
* Popular Residence Fund Manager resigns
* Freeing 4 children from human trafficking gangs
* Resumption of studies in Omdurman Islamic University

Al Sahafa
* National interest required the trucks weights act 
* Norwegian Envoy to meet opposition soon
* Government supports tourism 
* Plans to plant one million feddans with cotton