Current Date:

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

The Speech of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Saad Omer Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Crans Montana Forum Brussels, October 2016

Mr. President
Dear colleagues, Participants

I feel honoured and privileged to address you on behalf of the government of Sudan in this great gathering

which comes under the slogan (HOMELAND and GLOBAL SECURITY). Recently, Sudan finalised the national dialogue document as a result of tireless consultations and    together with a long process of social dialogue. The document was comprehensive and covered all axes of Sudan’s and concerns. This document was officially presented during a solemn closing ceremony attended by most of the political and representatives and a considerable number of heads of states and governments. The document will remain open to all parties and individuals to adhere.
Sudan is an active member of regional and international community it is why it could eventually be influenced negatively or positively by what happens in regional and international arenas; as well as the international developments. Sudan is looking forward to exchange successful experience in order to achieve prosperity and sustainability.
Sudan is one of the richest countries in terms of natural and human resources and in order to exploit these resources in an ideal way, it is inevitable to mobilize both public and private sector together with foreign investments and the transfer of knowledge. We seize the opportunity to invite all participants to contribute in this matter and we assure that Sudan will not exert any efforts to facilitate procedures for investments.
You might agree with me that big goals could be realized through gradual and concerted efforts, that is why we give an important consideration to initiatives of microfinance to all forms particularly projects targeting youth and women to eradicate poverty and create jobs to allow them to participate actively in strengthening the economy.
Migration is no longer a national issue it is global in its nature and remedy that needs to be tackled collectively and through close cooperation. Let me mention that Sudan plays a significant role in this matter bearing in mind Khartoum process which was considered as a pillar to the Valletta summit for migration.
Sudan has successful experience in the field of peace building and conflict resolution and is willing to share this experience with other members of the international community to realize sustainable development and prosperity to all mankind. As an example we mention the joint forces between Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia to secure the common borders.

The unjust classification of Sudan that led to unilateral political sanctions and economic embargo despite  all kinds of cooperation with the international community to combat terrorism, organized transnational crimes and the fulfillment of all international and legal obligations in this regard. We hope to overcome these obstacles and to avoid their negative impacts on the peace and stability of our homeland through a continuous dialogue with the relevant parties.
Finally, and on behalf of my delegation, I would like to express satisfaction for the excellent organization of this forum. I also seize opportunity to invite all participants to come to Sudan which is eager waiting for any effective contribution to realize all objectives to people and the whole region.
Thank you and I wish you all success