Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Daily Arabic Headlines Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Al Sudani
* No change in states governors now
*Legal actions against prices manipulators in Gezira
* Rejections of doctors strike
*Payment of two months delayed salaries

Akhir  Lahza
* DUP form committee to negotiate with NCP
*Abortion of biggest smuggling attempt to Chad
* Juba withdraws army from Sudan border
* Opposition is not an alternative to government

Al Intibaha
* Guerilla war fare in South Sudan
*Reduction in Gas and Gasoline imports
* Addressing economic imbalances
* Justice ministry received pres act amendments

* Queues in foreign currencies markets
* New medical equipments for the states
* New divisions in DUP
* Warning of pastoralists entering South Sudan

Al-Ray Al-Am
* Economic reforms according to National Dialogue Outcomes Document
*SDG 3.5 billion smuggled goods
*Proposed amendments in Political Parties Act  

Al-Yom Al Tali
* Pharmacies says medical companies have stopped selling medicines
* Chinese loan for 800 wells digging in the states
* Sudanese Egyptian meeting for strategic partnership

* NCP Ready for big concession to other parties
* 80 percent of diseases in Khartoum caused by water
* Blood banks in the states established
* 850 thousand feddans planted with corn

Al Sahafa
* New facts about fuel smuggling
* Commitment to deliver aid to affected areas
* Posts changes in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* AU Summit on Libya in Addis Abba