Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Unified Meeting of the Presidential Councils during Ramadan

Khartoum - (SMC) The government unveiled a unified meeting of the presidential councils, which was announced recently, during the current month of Ramadan, announcing meetings of these councils separately, according to what is being reported
Government Spokesperson, Dr. Ahmed Bilal said that the councils will begin their work during Ramadan, after having been approved and officially announced by the Presidency of the Republic, with membership of a number of political parties and forces, stressing his government's commitment to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue
The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir had issued republican decisions to form five presidential councils headed by the President of the Republic, and the participation of the two vice-president, his assistants and some experts and specialists, in implementation of the focused program presented by the President to the National Legislature last October, where the councils includes, Presidential Affairs Council,  National Council for Macroeconomics, National Information Council, National Council for Foreign Policy, and the Council for Peace and Unity.