Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Ghandour Underscores Sudan's Nonnegotiable Right in Full Sovereignty over Halayeb

Omdurman - Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour has affirmed readiness to implement what is chosen by the National Assembly concerning the issue of Halayeb.

Ghandour was speaking before the National Assembly in its session yesterday which was chaired by Deputy Speaker Ahmed Mohamed Adam Al-Tijani, responding to a query presented by MP Eissa Mustafa Mohamed of the National Liberation and Justice Party on the situation of Halayeb and its status and the official stance of the state on it.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs said Halayeb issue is a pivotal one and has high priority among Sudan’s foreign relations issues, affirming that non resolving of Halayeb issue would remain an obstacle for developing the relations between Sudan and Egypt to the aspired horizons.
He added that Halayeb Triangle is inseparable part of the Sudan, affirming their keenness on maintaining self-restraint policy and non-escalation for preserving the deep-rooted relations between the two sisterly countries and peoples.
Ghandour said Sudan has remained presenting the issue at the table of dialogue through the official channels at all levels in frank and transparent manner, referring to the escalatory procedures adopted by neighboring Egypt and what Halayeb Triangle had witnessed during period December 2017- March 2018 of obliteration of its Sudanese identity, changing names of public utilities, imposition of de facto policy, holding elections and others, explaining that this escalation had made them to recall the Ambassador of the Sudan and also they filed three complaints to the Security Council.
He affirmed that what have been done by Egypt is not consistent with the positive spirit Sudan has remained showing for resolving the issue through the negotiation or arbitration so that it would not remain as an obstacle for the development of the relations between the two countries, referring to their rejection to any referendum and any sort of Egyptianization for Halayeb.
Ghandour reaffirmed adherence of the Sudan to its inalienable right of full sovereignty over Halayeb Triangle, hoping that the continuous presenting of the issue at the joint meetings at all levels would lead the Egyptian side to accept one of the two options for resolving the issue.
He indicated that Halayeb issue is a sovereign file that is undertaken by all organs, stressing that they would not accept a joint administration in dear part of the homeland.
Ghandour said Halayeb file was given priority in all meetings with the Egyptian side, adding that it has also remained present at the meetings between the Presidents of the two countries, the last of which the visit paid by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir to Egypt last March.